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Mr. FusionAfter Intel's got the House and recovered from the fright taken by Athlon account, the situation becomes complicated for AMD. Several things happened as: loss of market, huge financial losses and some executives quitting.

But, as there are always controversies, in the last fiscal quarter the company achieved a turnover of about $ 1,61 bi, with a net profit of $ 50 million. Not bad and, It seems, company finances have been stabilised.

O personagem principal deste growth was the Fusion: the chips that combine the CPU + GPU destinado ao mercado de computers móveis de baixo custo, e foram adotados por companies as Toshiba, Asus, HP, Lenovo and some other smaller expressions. Helped and taking the GPUs Apple as showcase, now that the entire line of iMacs and Macbooks Pro use Radeons.

The company expects a slight fall in profit for the next quarter, due to falling product prices, of course, I don't have a “Core i7 Killer” It doesn't help, pois é no topo da pirâmide do poder do processamento que está o money

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