Rumor: Windows 8 You may have facial recognition and Kinect support

24 April 2011 | In News | 831 views | By

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win8kinect2Novidades sobre o Windows 8 arrive in full swing, daily. After the leak of the ISO with the first compilation, and fabrics with several new functions as PDF reader and boot hybrid, new images fall on the internet suggesting that the next Microsoft operating system will come with Kinect support and face recognition.

These images say that there may be an integration between the Kinect and webcams, in this way, Windows 8 you will be able to have recourse to detect the presence of humans, para confirmar e logar automaticamente o usuário daquele computer. As happens on Xbox Live, where the user is already logged into various detected services on Xbox network 360.

What is still not clear, é se este recurso funcionará com uma webcam normal, dessas que você tem no seu desktop e notebook, or need to be special like that accompanies the Kinect.
Even though it looks like fiction at first sight, on a cooler analysis, seems to be the natural way that Microsoft will adopt to stand in this market. After All, the technology já existe, simply adapt and in practice to an enormous installed base.

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