Keyboard shaped Dock turns your iPhone into a computer touch screen

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Que os smartphones facilitam a vida de seus donos, There is no doubt. In addition to the conventional use (voice calls and SMS), Now you can access your favorite pages, send and receive email, chat with friends on Twitter … But, We are convinced, write long texts (as an article for a website or an email a little more complex) It is not a pleasant task. O pequeno tamanho do keyboard propicia, with ease, what errors are committed.

Wow Keys

Wow Keys

Thinking about the users who want to use mobile phones at home to work, but who don't want to get stuck to small appliances keyboards, the CompuExpert launched the Wow-Keys. In addition to functioning as a conventional keyboard for PCs and Macs, Wow-Keys allows the user to attach to it an iPod touch or iPhone, and pass the control the smartphone through it.

Caso o Wow-Keys esteja ligado ao computer, Once plugged into the equipment, There is the possibility of charging the phone, or, If you prefer, perform the sync with iTunes. The user can, also, fazer uso do gadget para transform o seu computador em touch screen, passing the control PC with multi-touch feature of Apple equipment.

The keyboard has a switch key, allows the alternation of its usage on the desktop computer and smartphone with the simple push of button. Apesar da excelente integração com os computers convencionais, Wow-Keys can be used only as an external keyboard for gadgets.

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