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td appleConforme a Agência de News Reuters, os usuários da linha de computers e notebooks da marca Apple, the Mac, have to stay in “alert” over the next few days. Especialistas em segurança na internet informaram que a grande possibilidade de criminosos da computação invadir computers da marca por meio de malware, I say, fake antivirus programs.

With the explosive growth in demand for Apple computers, hackers que somente se concentravam em criar software prejudicial para máquinas com sistema operacional Windows, Microsoft's, now they are focusing their targets in line with the company's operational system of "apples", that this becoming more attractive targets.

As said Dino Hence Zovi, co-author of The Mac Hacker's Hanbook, stated that; "Only when a certain portion of the market platform conquest it becomes profitable to a malware attack and as the Mac becomes more popular, grows the number of threats ".

Last week, the McAfee security group, confirmed the emergence of a constant current virus disguised as anti-virus programs. But the patrol continued on the internet against use of malware, commented Dave Marcus, one of the company's researchers.

The fake antivirus is downloaded to computers when the user clicks on dubious links offered by search engines to search common Affairs, so the programs spread via links distributed via email, Facebook messages and even via Twitter.

Increasingly difficult to give greater security computing, by proliferation of interconnected devices registered in recent years, internet securities firms are trying to refine and advising to hacker attacks. A recent example, was the attack on PlayStation Network's network, from Sony, where hackers were able to break into accounts and information 100 millions of users, becoming the biggest online theft ever recorded.

Operated always so camouflaged, the malware aims, obter dados pessoais a applications como programas falsos de antivírus, where the goal is to generate profit opportunity to hackers.

According to research done by the company McAfee, It estimates that in 2011, will have an increase in the level of sophistication of malware disguised as email content, drawn up with the intention of deceiving users. So, never hurts to be alert with these types of programs or e-mail.

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