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Starting today, o Twitter estará disponível em Português Brasileiro. After we add the language in our translation Center, the site has been completely translated into just three days, making this the fastest translation project from Twitter.

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Brazilians embraced Twitter as a way to keep updated on what's happening, both locally and globally. When the floods struck the North of Rio de Janeiro, at the beginning of this year, Brazilians used Twitter to organize relief efforts, compartilhar detalhes sobre como doar money e suprimentos e organizar ajuda médica voluntária nos bairros atingidos. Presidential elections in Brazil, os três main candidatos (@ dilmabr, @ silva_marina, @ joseserra _) used Twitter to promote their campaigns, interact directly with their voters and answer your questions. And when a man was unable to answer customer service after purchasing a refrigerator with defect, He published on Twitter its claim including the brand name. Other users começaram a apoiar a sua causa, making the brand name put on the topics of the trend for four days — What eventually ended with him getting a new fridge.

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