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hpSince the iPad came along and showed the world that tablets are, Yes, legal, some other se aventuraram nessa área tentando tirar um pedaço do bolo que, today, Apple virtually come alone.

The first wave of iPad competitors, However, It shows very promising. Of wrestling, porém “crus” tablets com Android 3.0 Honeycomb, to even more premature PlayBook, RIM, that left the factory without e-mail application (!), all seem to have been hastily made, to seize the moment from which the iPad enjoy.

AND, as the wise old adage says, Haste makes waste.

But let us be honest: even before the iPad arise, HP has already hinted at that would invest in niche yet unborn. At CES 2010, the company has shown, in partnership with Microsoft, The Slate, a new form factor that, According to Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, inaugurate a new era.

The Slate to left, with a shameful sign created solely to House seals and stamps of certification and a shortcut keyCtrl + Alt + Del. For corporate clients, "exceeded expectations" when it comes to sales. But what does it mean when the expectations are the lowest possible?

For this history, theHP TouchPad is seen as the first real iPad competitor. The tablet, que ganhou data de launch e sai dia 1º de julho nos EUA (pre-order from 19 June), coming with webOS, modern operating system, beautiful and, with the best market notifications system.

HP bet big on webOS, a little-known system of public (mainly outside the u.s.), but that rarely receives criticism in the analysis which is submitted, até então em smartphones da HP/Palm. Can he repeat the feat in larger size?

The TouchPad comes with 9.7 screen "and 1024 × 768 resolution, same size of iPad. Comes with front camera 1,3 MP para vídeo chamadas e processor Snapdragon dual core de 1,2 GHz, all this for prices matched those of competitor of Apple — $ 500 by the template 16 GB, $ 600 by of 32 GB.GB

In addition to USA, the TouchPad arrives in France, Germany and United Kingdom days after. In Canada, the release date is mid-July. Italy, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore will gain the tablet "sometime this year". A 3 g version, in partnership with AT&T, must paint in the us during the summer there.

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