IBM in feast: 100 years of life

19 June 2011 | In News | 201 views | By

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ibmToday IBM is celebrating another year in the world technological. Uma das companies mais conhecidas do mundo, International Business Machine, is completing 100 years of existence.

The company emerged from the junction of three companies, He settled in New York, in the year 1911, initially with the name of CTR. After three years, became IBM. From then on, He became famous in the area and the production of computers occurred in 1950.

In the 70 aconteceu a grande popularidade de computers domésticos, Like this, IBM ended up losing a bit of its notoriety, Since, large competitors emerged weight, as the Microsoft and Apple.

Nowadays the company has 400 thousand employees spread across 170 countries. The market value of the company is based in 197 billions of dollars.

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the company, According to information from TechCrunch, the company has carried out various activities and demonstrations, as the display of its collection of rarities of computing and the launch de dois vídeos com o histórico da Big Blue.

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