200 public Web sites were attacked in the last week

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hackersConforme informou nesta terça-feira o Service Federal de Processamento de Dados, about 200 sites of Brazilian public agencies, among them sites of prefectures, were targets of hackers in the last week. Director-President of Serpro, Marcos Mazoni, stated that, “Ataques a sites públicos são rotineiros, We continue managing attacks, they did not stop… We are more than twice as many attacks than usual, and last week, It was more than ten times ", said.

Among the targets of hackers is the website of the Presidency of the Republic, IRS and the IBGE website. Mazoni reiterated that no sensitive data was stolen from portals, only access to public data and ensured that, "No data out of our bases, There was no invasion of basic data safe ".

In Brazil, hacker attacks against public sites are intended, show the denial of service, in which hackers create an excess of hits to overload it.

For Marcos Mazoni, hackers have used IP addresses that do not have guaranteed origin, known as dynamic IPs and according to him, by the end of the year, public more susceptible sites will already be running a version of advanced IP, in which there will be no more dynamic IPs and every access to the site if an IP that invalidation will identify the user.

The Chief Executive Officer of Serpro still said that, “Os ataques aos sites do Government configuram em crime e é passível a condenação criminal se forem descobertos.

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