Social network lures Google 25 million visitors, Research says

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The social network Google attracted 25 million of users, Turning on the site faster to get such a large audience, According to data released on Tuesday (2) by company comScore.

rede social google plusGoogle , released no fim de junho, had 25 million unique visitors up 24 July and grew at a rate of approximately one million visitors per day, said comScore. In contrast, the Facebook levou cerca de três anos para atrair 25 million visitors, While Twitter needed little more than 30 months.

Although the data show that the latest attempt by Google to join the social network started with strength, This does not mean that the project is a long-term success. MySpace has reached 25 million users in less than two years – faster than Facebook or Twitter. However, lost many netizens in last year, pointed to comScore.

According to the data, 6 millions of visitors from Google living in the United States and more than 3,6 millions in India. Canada and Britain appear with 1 million each, While Germany has 920 thousand and the Brazil, little more than 780 thousand. France and Taiwan are about 500 thousand visitors each.

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