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aplicativo qkrUm projeto de uma technology apresentado pela operadora de cartões de crédito Mastercard promete fazer com que os usuários façam compras de produtos anunciados pela TV utilizando o aparelho celular ou gestos, via the Kinect accessory, the Xbox 360.

Called QkR, o serviço utiliza um application que possui todos os dados de cartão de crédito do usuário armazenados e, When an advertisement of a product appears on TV, It can acquire the product with greater ease. The smartphone can photograph a QR code that appears on the screen to take the user to an option in that it can buy the item through the appliance.

Another option causes, through the ad audio, the application recognizes that the product being advertised and take the user to an option under which the purchase can be made by smartphone. The service uses a technology similar to programs like the IntoNow, identifying films and serials that are going on TV to identify the program's audio. In the case of Mastercard's project, is studying add audible signals low frequency in the ads for easy identification of the products by smartphone.

In restaurants, Mastercard suggests that QR codes or pass the phone into a NFC code (near filed communication), You can display the menu directly on mobile, causing the user to choose what will ask remotely, getting the dishes on the table. The account would be paid also by cell phone.

Finally, the Kinect accessory, que utiliza os movimentos dos jogadores para jogar games no Xbox 360, dispensando o uso do joystick, could be used to make purchases in the user's home. When you see an ad on TV, the user would be a gesture that would lead him to a specific area where it could make the payment of the item you want, without having to lift the couch.

Ainda não há previsão para que as technologies apresentadas pela Microsoft sejam lançadas no mercado.

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