DF Government announces free internet in central Washington

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The Federal District Government announced this Friday (16) a liberação de acesso free de banda larga na região do Estádio Nacional de Brasília, City Park Road and the pilot plan.

internet brasilDuring the announcement, o secretário da Secretaria de Ciência e Technology do DF, Gaston Ramos, stated that there is a project to deploy free internet in three administrative regions of the DF, but that the advertisement should be announced soon by the Governor of DF, Agnelo Queiroz.

"We have projects for three cities that are already done and that we are in the process of bidding for power begin deployment", explained.

According to Secretary, the GDF didn't need direct funds to deploy the internet system announced this Friday because there was a technical cooperation agreement with Telebrás. But to deploy the system on the whole DF, gradually, the Government intends to use an amount of approximately R $ 80 million.

The Government's goal is to provide free broadband internet in public areas and urban and rural area in a period of 18 the 24 months. Ramos said that until the World Cup coverage will be ready.

O secretário explicou que a internet gratuita fornecida em pontos públicos do DF está servindo para que o governo teste a speed, the breadth of the antennae and radios. The Secretary also said that the Government works with the information highway, for that the internet will reach all homes of the DF, but he said that this model will be paid by consumers.

"Nobody is getting into anybody's market. However, There are places that people need to have [internet] and in these places the Government has to get. Then the Government, even though subsidie to arrive at homes, has obligation to locally put this free internet”, He said Ramos.

To give continuity to the processes of internet network deployment in DF, Agnelo must receive, This Friday, o secretário General da União Internacional de Telecomunicações (UIT), Hamadoun Touré. De acordo com o secretário de Ciência e Technology, the forecast is that they get together and visit Fern, to meet the point of inclusion Touré digital city.

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