Orkut will continue under upgrade, Google says

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The world of Google's engineering Director, James Withaker, said this Friday (16), at an event in Sao Paulo, que o Orkut vai continuar em atualização e development, Despite the company's investment in Google , rede social lançada no fim de junho e que é a grande aposta para rivalizar com o Facebook, the world leader in this type of service.

google plusWithaker disse que dois times diferentes trabalham no development desses services e estão abertos a inovações.

Since the beginning of Google , the company denies that go abandon the Orkut, that is quite popular in Brazil, and, same here, has his position threatened – data released by Ibope Nielsen Online last week indicate that social network Mark Zuckerberg now 30,9 million users únicos no Brasil em agosto e ultrapassou, for the first time, Orkut, that had 29 million users in a month.

The survey takes into account access at work and at home, but instead of using the internet at cybercafes and schools.

Inside Google, working with the idea that Orkut works better for communities, with discussions of specific topics, and the Google serves more to share content that Internet users find it on the web.

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