Steve Jobs, creator of Apple, dies at 56 years of age

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Died this Wednesday (5) to 56 Steven Paul Jobs Manager years, creator of Apple, Pixar Animation Studio and father of products like the Macintosh, the iPad, the iPhone and the iPad.


Community no Orkut em homenagem a Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs tech Hero

Idolized by consumers of its products and by a large number of employees in the company that he founded in a garage in Silicon Valley, in California, e ajudou a transform na maior companhia de capital aberto do mundo em valor de mercado, Jobs foi um dos maiores defensores da popularização da technology. Acreditava que computers e gadgets deveriam ser fáceis o suficiente para ser operados por qualquer pessoa, as I repeated on one of his favorite catchphrases was “just works” (in English, “it just works”), impacto que foi além de sua companhia e ajudou a puxar a evolução de produtos como o Windows, Microsoft's.

The fight for Jobs with cancer since 2004 the physically weakened in the years of Apple's biggest commercial success, that escaped bankruptcy at the end of the 90 to become the world's largest tech company. Since then, underwent a liver transplant and saw her Obituary published important vehicles such as accidentally in Bloomberg.

He was forced to deal with death, they feared, as most Americans of his generation, Since the days of October 1962 that marked the height of the Cuban missile crisis. “I was sleepless for three or four nights because I feared that if I were sleep wouldn't agree”, featured, in 1995, the oral history Museum of the Smithsonian Institution.

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