Apple's shares hit highest value of history in the arrival of iPhone 4S

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Shares of Apple closed through Friday (14) in its largest value in history, the $ 422, no dia que marcou a chegada de seu novo smartphone, the iPhone 4S, the shops of the United States and seven other countries. The papers had appreciation of 3,22%.

Fã na fila para comprar novo iPhone no Japão usa máscara de Steve Jobs (Foto: Reuters)

Fan in the queue to buy new iPhone in Japan wears a mask of Steve Jobs (Photo: Reuters)

With the high, the company's market value was $ 391 billion. The company has the largest market value among all publicly traded companies. The mark was hit for the first time in 9 August.

One day after, on the day 10, the company reached new milestone. At the close of the trading session on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, in New York, the sum of the company's shares outperformed the oil Exxon Mobil. It was the first time, Therefore, that Apple was listed at closing as the leader in the giant ranking in market value.

On the day of the death of its founder, Steve Jobs, in 5 October, as ações da manufacturer of devices móveis e computers fecharam em alta de 1,54%, the $ 378,25. On the eve, Apple appeared in eighth place in the ranking of the most valuable brands in the world, According to the consulting firm Interbrand.

O valor da marca teve growth of 58%, to US $ 33,49 billion, What did appear for the first time in the "top ten". In 2010, the brand occupies the 17th position.

Apple reached the rank of largest company in the world by market capitalisation because of the crisis in the American market, taken after the country had had difficulties to get rid of a threat of default and have the note of their debt downgraded by credit rating agency Standard and Poor s ’. As a result, shares of Exxon had a fall more sharply than those of Apple.

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