Google will bid to buy Yahoo, newspaper says

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O gigante americano da Internet, Google, make an offer to buy its competitor Yahoo, said information published on Saturday by the Wall Street Journal.

“Google came in contact with at least two companies for investment capital to help you finance an agreement to acquire the main core of Yahoo”, said the newspaper in your site, citing “a source close to the negotiation”.

Google realizará oferta para comprar Yahoo

Google will bid to buy Yahoo

Google, However, only held meetings “superficial” about the subject and can finish “abandoning the idea”, complete o jornal.

O Yahoo ainda não substituiu a diretora-General Carol Bartz, fired in early September abruptly by the Board of Directors of the group for not having high turnover and investments company advertising.

The company is currently a bid submitted by the Chinese internet group Alibaba, which is the main shareholder.

On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal had reported that at least nine companies of investment capital were studying the possibility of acquiring Yahoo.

According to the newspaper, another American giant of computing, the Microsoft, that in 2006 tentou sem sucesso buy o Yahoo!, joined the investment company, Silver Lake Partners, and a Canadian Pension Fund to prepare a new offer.

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