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Mike Morhaime, presidente da Blizzard, anuncia o lançamento de 'World of Warcraft' no Brasil em 2011(Foto: Divulgação)

Mike Morhaime, Blizzard's President, announces the launch of World of Warcraft '' in Brazil on 2011(Photo: Disclosure)

THE game on-line com suporte para diversos jogadores ao mesmo tempo (MMORPG) “World of Warcraft”, will be officially released in Brazil in December, According to Mike Morhaime, Blizzard's President, during the opening of the fair Blizzcon 2011, in Anaheim, in the United States, This Friday (21).

The game will have texts and dialogues in Portuguese, and will be sold by R $ 30 and will have monthly fee of R $ 15. The game is already in pre-sale in the country.

According to the company, the Brazilian players may buy the game or your box in stores in digital version by R $ website 30, that includes the original game and the expansion “The Burning Crusade”. O título poderá ser jogado free of charge by 30 days. After this period, You will need to pay a monthly fee of R $ 15 (in the United States, is $ 15). Users will be able to pay the amount through credit card, debit, Bank transfer or Bill.

Long translation
The job of bringing the game officially for the country, According to Blizzard, has been going around 2 years. “We are very satisfied with the translation work”, celebrates Steve Huot, Blizzard's Director for Latin America, the G1. “Only in the translation of the texts were more than 4 million words. And this does not include the voices were dubbed to tell the stories of the game. Is a big step and we wanted to get done the right way. It was not easy”.

He also says that the subscription price of the game is exclusive to the Canadian public. “The price of a ticket to the cinema costs around R $ 30 and people watch a movie of two hours. With $ 15 they will have an incredibly greater and more immersive content and can play as wish during the month”, Huot says.

The expansions “The Wrath of the Lich King” and “Cataclysm”, that expand the content of “World of Warcraft” also available for the Brazilian players. “We know that there are many players here who are already quite advanced in the game and we could not leave out expansions. As are more recent, they will be sold for $ 100″, explains Huot.

MMO players in the country who currently pay the monthly payment in dollars will pay for it in real as soon as the game is available. The transfer method is not yet defined, but it is possible that an email be sent advising of the Exchange. Still, You can a migration to “United” brasileiro. “Users will have a chance to move their characters to the Kingdom which have Brazilian players, If you wish to, free of charge. After, will be charged a small fee”, says the Executive.

J.Allen Brack veio ao Brasil para o lançamento oficial de 'World of Warcraft' (Foto: Gustavo Petró/G1)

J. Allen Brack came to Brazil for the official launch of World of Warcraft '' (Photo: Gustavo Petró/G1)

Done for Brazilians
“World of Warcraft” is a role-playing game online no-limit players (MMORPG) released on 2004 e se tornou um fenômeno dos games, with more than 12 million active users around the world. In It, the player must create a character choosing among some breeds and carry out quests to level evolve. It is necessary to work in groups to complete the “Quests” and eliminate powerful monsters. He has English versions, French, German, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Chinese and already has three expansions with “Cataclysm” being the last, released on the day 7 December 2010. She remodeled the entire game world.

During a visit to Brazil for the announcement of the title's release in the country, (J). Allen Brack, Director of production “World of Warcraft” There are more than six years, told that the great work of G1 to translate the entire contents of almost seven years, In addition to the amount of text and dialogue, was the adaptation. “We Work, for example, para fazer com que jokes feitas nos Estados Unidos e que estão no jogo fossem entendidas com o mesmo nível de humor pelos brasileiros”, explains.

'World of Warcraft' permite que jogadores criem seus personagens e interajam com outros usuários para cumprir missões (Foto: Divulgação)

' World of Warcraft' lets players create their characters and interact with other users to complete missions (Photo: Disclosure)

He confirms that the game is 100% translated, the texts that explain the “Quests”, or assignments, to items, and maps. “However, those who prefer not to play the game in Portuguese can enable other languages such as English”, says Brack.

Since it works with the MMO, the account Director tries to constantly evolve the game. “We are always getting new content and updates to ‘ World of Warcraft’ so the game stays new. We do this to ensure the best experience for players. At the moment, We are working in conflict with Deathwing [the villain of "Cataclysm"]“, account.

About the recent Union of the original game “World of Warcraft” with the first expansion “The Burning Crusade”, In addition to having a free edition to the level 20, Brack says that the fact should not be to increase penetration in emerging markets such as Brazil. “Our goal was to reduce the number of ‘ boxes’ that players need to buy to have the complete experience. We better let the player take the time you want to test the game until you get to the level 20 with your character”.

For Brazilians, There will be a “United” dedicated to Portuguese language. “The Brazil is included in the ‘ region Americas ’, that includes, United States, Latin America and, now, the Brazil. It is possible to play in all these servers, regardless of the language. Communication works well in Europe, with French and German servers, for example. Who enters the server and, know that there all speak Portuguese”, says Director.

Brack account you are always thinking “World of Warcraft” and what will be the next step for the game. “I think of the game since when agreement until when I sleep. Think new adventures to take players and improve”. With this, He claims that events known from the Canadian public can appear in the MMO. “Although we like to separate the real world from the game world, We thought we'd create something like the Carnival in ‘ World of Warcraft ’”.

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