Cell phone use does not increase cancer risk, According to a research done by 18 years

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O uso a longo prazo de telefones mobile phones não aumenta o risco de câncer no cérebro, says a large study conducted during 18 years in Denmark, the results come out this Friday (21) on the website of the British Medical Journal.

Uso de celular não aumenta risco de câncer, diz estudo feito por 18 anos

Cell phone use does not increase cancer risk, According to a research done by 18 years

At the end of may, the International Agency for research on Cancer (CIRC), an agency of the World Health Organization, stated that the use of mobile phones “It might be carcinogenic to man”, After analyzing all studies on the topic, including some that showed increased risk of brain cancer.

But the Danish study, performed with 358.403 clientes de uma operadora de telephony Mobile, discards any link between cancer and cell phone use.

The team directed by Patrizia Frei, Danish Cancer Society, extended until 2007 an investigation that would be completed in 2002 e que não apontava qualquer aumento no risco de câncer para users de celular.

Between the 358.403 people examined, occurred 10.729 cases of tumors in central nervous system (5.111 men and 5.618 women), o que equivale à média General.

O estudo não incluiu os usuários que utilizam o celular de forma Professional, and also not established average time of mobile phone use.

Like this, scientists do not discard a increased risk among users more assiduous in a period exceeding 15 years, something that may be the object of further studies.

In 2010, There were more than 5 billion mobile users worldwide and health authorities already recommend the use of headphones to reduce exposure.

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