Anatel decides that telephone will have reduced cellular connection fee

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Beginning in February 2012, the Brazilian consumers pay less when making telephone calls from fixed phone to mobile. The decision was approved on Thursday by Council of Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency). The idea is that by 2014 the users economizem em torno de 45% due to the reduction in tariffs.



In practice, According to Anatel, the fall will be approximately 10% on the value of each link. But, gradually, users will pay less and less, According to Angolan news agency. O objetivo é que o next reajuste chegue a 12%. Alltogether, Anatel wants to promote reductions in three steps. The last must stay in 7%.

Currently consumers pay, on average, R $ 0,54 por ligação de phone fixo para móvel. The idea is that in 2012 they will pay $ 0,48. After, em 2013, pay $ 0,44 and, emin014, R $ 0,425.

The Agency reported that the decision on the new tariffs will be published in, maximum, 80 days. From the date of publication, the companies of telephony will have 20 days to implement the measure. If the decision is not fulfilled, Anatel will take steps in relation to these companies.

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