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adobeAdobe recently announced that Flash Player 11.1 It may be the latest version of Flash for mobile browsers. For both, Mike Chambers, Head of Adobe developers, published an explanation for such a decision of the company.
“The decision is part of a major strategic shift from Adobe”, said Chambers. “One such change is focus on HTML5, as with Adobe Creative and Cloud that it can provide”.
Chambers has listed five main reasons that led the company to opt for the finalisation of the Flash Player 11.1. See below:

  • O Flash nunca terá uma grande visibilidade em devices móveis, Since, a maior manufacturer desse ramo, Apple, não adotou a technology em seus iPhones e iPads. “No matter what we did, that Flash wouldn't be available on Apple's iOS”, Chabers said.
  • The HTML5 is omnipresent. “On mobile devices, o HTML5 oferece um nível similar de presença que o Flash Player oferece ao desktop”, said.
  • Consumers do not have the habit of using the content on mobile devices the same way they usually do on desktops. Several things like screen size differences, os problemas com redes sem fio e a disseminação das lojas de applications fizeram do Flash irrelevante em mobiles.
  • Developing plugins for mobile is more challenging than for desktop. “Develop the Flash Player for mobile showed that it takes a lot more resources than we ever imagined”,admitted.
  • Adobe wanted to change more features to HTML5, and thus releasing the Flash at no charge for mobile devices.

At the bottom of the ad, Chambers also said that “If a Flash feature is successful, It will be integrated with browser, and if developers and users will access it increasingly by the browser, and not by Flash”.
“Many of the things that you've done using Flash, will the HTML5 and CSS3 directly in the browser”, finalized the head of Adobe developers.

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