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A operadora de telephony móvel Tim volta com o sucesso do ano 2010, quando começou a distribuir chips com seu novo plano free of charge.

From now on, who both hoped to ensure its chip won't have to wait that much. The operator Tim Brazil back with their services chip delivery, However, This time are users who already have who will pick the winners.

seu ouvido vale um chip tim betaTim Beta has been a success since 2010, for being a plan adapted to young audiences brasileiro, offering many features for a low price. Another striking feature is that the users themselves say over the internet and help to shape the plan that will use.

You haven't earned your chip?

Many people ask: “How do I win a chip Tim Beta?”. If you don't know who has a chip or thereupon has already lost the hopes this is a small solution.

Click here and go a small site where you can register and ask your friends to vote. Maybe some kind soul will give? Enjoy.

Discussions about the plan

If you want to participate in the Community the discussions on the plan, Click here.

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