Google Music has a lot of walking to reach the iTunes

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When the online search giant launches a product – as much as it can be phased out after a few years – It imposes itself as the great industry threat. Not so much by the quality or novelty of the product, but by size and brand penetration in the daily lives of people. When posting, in the last week, Google Music Store, he instantly became the major competitor of veteran and pioneer iTunes, Apple's. The point is that, in spite of the mark, Google music store will need to go a long way to become, really, a competitor to the iTunes.

google musicGoogle Music Store was released after months of speculation and a Beta version in the cloud having jurisdiction in United States. Now, usuários do Android poderão comprar músicas diretamente da Android Market por meio de um acordo notável com grandes corporações como a Universal Music Group, Sony and EMI. The total, will be offered to the user 13 millions of songs. During the event of the day 15 November, Google revealed that each account can store up to 20 thousand songs.

The service will offer music reviews, singles and albums, In addition to unique information for Android users of various bands. By the tool, will also be made available prior to 90 seconds of the songs before the option to buy them. O Google Music Store também pensou no produtor de music. For a one-time fee of $ 25, a band, for example, You can create a page to place videos, information and music for sell. This is a field “abandoned” the former foot, MySpace and even touched by iTunes. In Exchange, Google Gets 30% of total sales that take place at a price stipulated by musicians.

It looks charming, but we need to look at the Google Music Store in perspective. In the first instance, Since Larry Page resumed as the company's CEO, in January 2010, Google has not measured efforts to unify the platforms and banish those, roughly speaking, do not sell a good concept. Incidentally, Page returned to position precisely to a vocation of Google that, According to him the same, was forgotten: to build good products, rather than just create good solutions.

Google Music Store is part of a successful attempt of the company of Mountain View to make Android a smashing success by taking advantage of the lucrative concept of iTunes, created on 2003, eight years before, to provide the user with everything that it needs. Only in the last year, the music service from Apple generated $ 6,3 billion according to the Washington Post newspaper. Nothing more logical to join the Apple cake recipe and integrate it to Android, to YouTube and to newly launched social network, which survives under the promise of fever that hasn't happened yet, Google .

O colunista de technology Sam Diaz, ZDNet site, believes that the Google music service should be a kind of music player, que reunisse uma série de other serviços já existentes que promovem interação com redes sociais, as Spotify, the Pandora and the Sonora, of the Earth, for example – all streaming services. Diaz justification lies in the fact that there are already a good service on the web to offer music, but there are good aggregators. Google could enter this breach and take advantage of the huge platform that has. What Diaz mean is: “why anyone would use Google Music if there are other – good – options?”.

When Apple released the iPod, in 2001, and iTunes two years later as a service covering including the software update in addition to the music, There was a new proposal on the market. O Google não está exatamente promovendo uma innovation. Unlike, He is using the smartness of the business brand to deliver value that has been tested elsewhere and if proved successful. Without underestimating the strength of the giant of online searches, There is a long way – In addition to the chronological time – that doesn't count in favour of Google. For now, the company's CEO Larry Page just want to shout to the world that also wants a piece of the billion dollar digital music pizza.

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