Webcelebridades advocate the right to controversy

13 February 2012 | In News | 121 views | By

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 webcelebridades defendem direito polmica  São Paulo – Um quinteto de jornalistas e humoristas que usa a internet para promover seu work reuniu, today, the highest attendance of the Campus Party to defend freedom on the web and criticizing the surveillance of politically correct.

Mediated by Bia Granja, Rafinha Bastos, PC Siqueira, Rodrigo Fernandes, Mauricio Cid and Rosana Hermann talked about their love-hate relationship with the online world.

Singled out as some of the most influential personalities of the national internet, Rafinha Bastos has 3,9 million de seguidores no Twitter; PC Siqueira é autor de um mais acessados vlogs no YouTube brasileiro; Rodrigo Fernandes, Mauricio Cid and Rosana Hermann are bloggers, responsible Jacaré Banguela, by Autoblog and the dear reader, respectively.

Bastos opened the conversation reminding of "page of Rafinha", video project that he initiated in 1999. "At the time, I saw on the internet an opportunity I don't rely on TV stations and a chance to get out of Rio Grande do Sul ", said.

Rosana contou que foi para internet depois de ser demitida de seu employment na TV.

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