Google celebrates Valentine's day with animated doodle

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 google celebra namorados doodle animado  The day 14 February is the day of Saint Valentin, o equivalente ao Dia dos Namorados brasileiro us Estados Unidos e em alguns países da Europa. To celebrate the date, that also includes demonstrations of love between parents and children and between friends, Google created an animated doodle, with the right soundtrack and subtitle option, How YouTube videos. THE It is one of the regional sites that displays the commemorative logo.

At the sound “Cold, cold heart”, do cantor de jazz e music popular americana Tony Bennet, a young man in love does everything to win the girl who is “everything you've always dreamed of”, as indicates the song. At the end of the animation, Google honors the love of simple form, with an astronaut who embraces an alien, a Princess and a frog, a couple of gays and other three scenes that inspire the feeling symbol of Valentine's day.

The Google doodles
Google tends to commemorate important dates for humanity, as birthdays of inventions and culture-related personalities and politics, for example, with customization of the logo on the homepage of search site. THE first doodle surgiu em 1998, quando os fundadores do Google criaram um logotipo especial para informar aos users do site que eles estavam participando do Burning Man, a counterculture festival held annually in the United States.

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