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THE Windows 8 must win a beta later this month. However, last year Microsoft released a test version for developers. She received good reviews made by professionals in the field and generated curiosity about the latest from system, It should be released at the end of this year. Meet the following 8 What's new in Windows 8.

1 – Metro Interface

windows 8 interface metroOne of the main changes noted was the new interface extremely colourful Metro call, geared primarily for touchscreens. The new concept is based on the principle of minimal clicks to start something.

Like all interface changes, users accustomed to earlier versions of Windows will surprise the new look of Windows 8. This is because several buttons and shortcuts have been removed or exchanged its former site.

Microsoft expects that users can use the system with confidence after a few hours of practice. But who doesn't get used can use Windows 8 with the interface “Classic”, similar to the Windows 7.

2 – Charm Bar

The new Charm of Metro is a mix of interface menu “Start” with the “Control Panel” earlier versions of Windows. Its main objective is to maximize the user's integration with the new technology intuitive interface, called NUI (Natural User Interface).

The bar is made up of 5 icons (Search, Share, Start, Devices and Settings). It is possible to perform general system settings or manage settings for a specific application. In addition, The Charm speeds up searches and enabling applications. The icon “Share” gathers all applications of sharing your social networks.

windows 8 explorer3 – Windows Explorer

One of the major processes (explorer.exe) the Windows platform has been improved. With this, one of the benefits noted will be the presence of a track full of essential buttons to perform different actions on files and folders in Windows Explorer.

4 – Pause operations of copy/paste/delete

In Windows 8 a new feature allows breaks are made in cases of copy/paste/delete files or folders.

This is very useful when it is time to perform one of these operations on large amounts of files and suddenly require that the computer working full steam on another operation (ex.: perform a virus scan). Upon completion of this task, just back the progress window and click on the corresponding button to continue from the point at which the process has been paused.

5 – Internet Explorer 10

Unlike Windows 7, that has two distinct versions (32-bits and 64-bits) of Internet Explorer 9, in Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 You can now run both platforms directly from its single version. But this feature should be activated manually directly into the browser settings.

Hardware acceleration will be explored more extensively by Microsoft and worth a mention. Also highlights the possibility of web-based applications to access the webcam without the need of using Flash or Silverlight.

6 – Password for drawing

windows 8 senha desenhoFingerprint biometric readers are no longer novelty in time to protect your Windows user account against unauthorised access. But Windows 8 you have the option to create a logon password from pre-set designs patterns.

Basically works as follows: When starting the device: an image that was selected will appear at the top of the Windows session 8 and the system will prompt the user to repeat the gestures used in figure to free access.

7 – Mount ISO format files

In earlier versions of Windows, to open an ISO image, without passing it to a CD or DVD, It was necessary to use a decompressor or an application that generate a virtual CD-ROM (ex.: Daemon Tools).

In Windows 8 support for this format has been integrated. Then, natively, You can mount an ISO file with extension as if it were a disk drive (ex.: (F): or (H):). And consequently, read or change all its contents as desired.

8 – Support for ARM processors

The current focus of the industry is geared toward creating ways to save energy. Microsoft couldn't stay out of it and Windows 8 will come with support for ARM architecture processors. Objectively, This results in dramatic reduction in battery consumption of tablets and notebooks.

To demonstrate this in practice, one of the new power options in Windows settings 8 will be “Always connected, always connected”. So the tablets may work similarly with smartphones and remain in standby mode (stand-by) without that disconnect from the internet.

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