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Cursos onlineWho prefers to devote himself to his studies without leaving home, já tem como opção o famoso Instituito de Technology de Massachusetts (MIT), in the United States. A organização anunciou o launch de um curso livre para todo o mundo, that can be fully monitored and evaluated by the internet. Anyone on the planet can subscribe – including us, Brazilians!

The online project, titled MITx, will offer, for the time being, just a memorization mode, that begins in March. O curso interativo de Electronics foi projetado paraquebrar barreiras na educação”, because the innovative scheme represents a significant step in the use of technology to offer higher education courses.

The University will not require of students requiring entry requirements or experience in other institutions. The matérias de estudo e grade horária com notas e aulas serão fornecidas inteiramente online, as well as a virtual lab, e-books, web discussions and videos equivalent to lectures. Expected is that the course has a duration of four months (If you start in March), with hourly load 10 hours per week. At the end of the studies, students receive a certificate with a mark of MIT.

To ensure the commitment of the virtual students, the MIT do the honor code, a kind of contract where students at home ensure that will behave honest during learning. In the future, the University intends to implement identity verification mechanisms and voluntary work of each one of the users to point possible plagiarism.

According to the BBC, Although there are no initial requirements to start the course of electronics, professor Anant Agarwal, Director of the laboratory for computer science and artificial intelligence at MIT, States that students must have minimum knowledge in mathematics and science.

Next Monday, those responsible must define how other sports novelty will be put into practice. This includes courses that are now offered on the campus of the University with a model made exclusively for the internet. In addition, MIT plans to launch other subjects entirely online, as biology, Mathematics and physics.Rafael Reif, Rector of MIT, says that the University wants to have that experience as a way to discover what can be delivered to students through courses offered on the web, as also believe that this mechanism can be valuable teaching for the training of professionals in the future.

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