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A New Zealand Court granted this Wednesday(15) a liberdade condicional ao cofundador do Megaupload, Mathias Ortmann, that is required – junto a other três executivos do site de downloadspelos Estados Unidos por suposta piracy virtual.

Judge David McNaughton, the Manukau District Court, imposed 17 conditions for provisional freedom Ortmann, among them the prohibition on accessing or using the internet, informed the “Radio New Zealand”.

responsaveis megauploadOrtmann is the third Executive to win parole Megaupload. He had been arrested in 20 January at the mansion that was rented on the outskirts of Auckland by the founder of the portal, Kim Schmitz, also known as Kim Dotcom.

The arrests of Ortmann, Dotcom, the head coach of Megaupload, Finn Batato, and head of programming of the site, Bram van der Kolk, happened within the framework of a vast international operation that included the closing of the portal and other prisons in Europe.

Ortmann, of German nationality, live together with his compatriot Batato and Dutch Kolk, while detained awaiting Dotcom will follow about his extradition to United States audience, scheduled for this month.

The USA intend to prosecute seven executives from Megaupload – among them the four detained in New Zealand – by virtual piracy, crime organizado e lavagem de money. information

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