Customers of Gol and TAM are without access to sites after attack

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fora do arAfter attacking banking sites for two weeks, hackers Anonymous group perform today attacks against airline sites. The attacks were made on Twitter about an hour ago. At the moment, sites of TAM and Gol are inaccessible. With the attacks, the services de atendimento aos customers estão interrompidos.

A assessoria da TAM informa que o site presents instabilidade nesta quarta-feira e recomenda que clientes usem os números de telefone para atendimento (4002-5700 for capital and 0800-570-5700 for other cities).

THEdo not present any risk to customers taques

In attacks with the goal of taking air websites, hackers often use the technique known as DDoS. Ela consiste em sobrecarregar o servidor do site atacado com uma grande quantidade acessos simultâneos a partir de vários computers. A DDoS attack does not allow hackers to access the data stored on the server. It just takes the air website. In this type of attack, os hackers não têm acesso aos sites dos clientes das companies.

Hacker activity can be punished in Brazil

Although there is no specific law against this type of action, hackers who engage in DDoS attacks against sites of particular undertakings, public or private, can be held accountable in court on the basis of article 163 of the criminal code and, If convicted, may discharge penalty of six months to three years, In addition to pay fine.

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