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The Government will adopt a margin of preference, allowing the payment of higher values the domestic producers, in public purchases of network equipment and computer supplies, afirmou hoje o secretario de Logística e Technology da Informação do Ministério do Planejamento, Delfino Natal de Souza.

Profissional de TI“Everybody will get the most advantageous proposal and will not necessarily be at best price. Can represent a State intervention”, said. “Our goal is to strengthen the internal market.”

The Government has been studying changes in the bidding Law, as was done in the textile sector, com o objetivo de estimular a innovation tecnológica no País, explained Delfino. Only the Union should spend around R $ 130 million in annual joint purchases of various federal agencies network equipment, but it is not yet certain whether the rule is for bidding this year, Once the Planning want to analyze how the margin will be applied in purchases of clothing.

“We are studying adoption of margin of preference, If this is not possible in the first half, in the next year. There is already significant Brazilian industry with position so we use this instrument.”


Second Secretary, a study group led by Serpro has been preparing the State databases migration to cloud computing, na qual programas e arquivos podem ser acessados por qualquer computer, without specific software installation. “I would say that is a huge challenge and it takes work, but it is inevitable: If we do not do, We are concerned by the market”, said.

A way to develop the market of “cloud computing” in Brazil it would be through a new chapter of the Larger Brazil Plan, the Government's industrial policy Dilma Rousseff, that would stimulate new technologies using public procurement. “We are organizing, Since last year, the launch of the plan IT and hopefully treat Brazil As this process within an incentive for industry, to create critical mass in the Brazilian market”, said. “It is possible to house large data centers and with use of purchasing power that we can promote this grubbed up.”

Turning the page

The Government expects to buy this year half a million tokens, uma espécie de chave Electronics, to start the Elimination of paper in the documents of the Executive, following a few lines of what has been applied by the Judiciary when scanning processes, was attended by the Secretary. “The idea is to stop the generation of paper, o documento nasce e-mail e vive a história dele como eletrônico”, said Delfino, pointing out that you will need to modify the legislation, for some electronic documents are valid as a replacement and that the original paper can be dropped.

The Ministry of planning hopes to submit rules to the plateau on the Elimination of paper in the first half and elect some pilot projects for initial testing. By the end of the year, the proposal is to make electronic only all new government documents. “This is the year in which we turn to page in relation to electronic documentation”, said the Secretary.

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