Caution: Online RPGs can end your marriage

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Conflitos no casamento

Pesquisadores da Brigham Young University acabam de provar que games podem estragar a convivência entre duas pessoas. According to a study, the online RPGs are capable of ending your marriage.

349 uniões heterossexuais nos EUA foram estudados usando o Facebook e fóruns de RPG online, like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, Guild Wars, Everquest and City of Heroes. About 75% of respondents who have a partner who plays such games says wishing that the companions put more time and effort at the wedding and not only in their characters from games.

However, the problem aqui não é o tempo gasto dentro do game e sim os argumentos e a rotina sempre interrompida nas horas de sono, second o CNet. This reverts in less time spent in shared activities and engaging in serious conversations, or the famous “relationship discussions”.

Of the interviewed couples where there is only one gamer, the maridões were the players in 84% dos casos. Already in the situation where both play, in of casesasos, men spend more time in RPGs.

“The study really shows that the games have effect on marital satisfaction. Are not just random situations that some couples are going”, says Neil Lundberg, Assistant professor of recreation management..

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