What will sell the physical stores on Google, Microsoft and Amazon?

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Lojas físicas de empresas onlineGoogle, Microsoft and Amazon are planning to open physical stores networks around the world. But, what these companies must sell in their physical spaces? To answer this question, the site Fast Company made some analyses that point where companies should focus on to be successful in their stores.

Austin Carr, author of the analysis, take the example of Apple, that earns billions of dollars annually in sales. If we take into account that the company produces hardware, makes a lot of sense to have physical stores to sell their products. But, She does not sell just that. Carr explains that Steve Jobs and Ron Johnson designed the stores to offer a “lifestyle”.

The analyst says that customers do not come in stores only because of the products. Eles vão às Apple Stores para ouvirem music, watch movies and other functions in the apparatus exposed. Puzzle, the company offer their iPods, iPhones and iPads. Even more: also sell software such as OS X, iTunes and iCloud, accessories and experiences, all with the design of the stores and wrapped in company branding. This is the answer to the question from the beginning of the text: they can sell “experiences”, or “lifestyle”.

Google, for example, pode muito bem vender smartphones e tablets com o seu Android ou até Chromebooks rodando o Chrome OS. But it will be a web company, explains Austin. Then, the key point for the company is to sell your brand, involving the client in the atmosphere of the company and making go into a experience that makes it back to a physical store of Google.

As for Microsoft, the case is the same. A empresa pode usar seu espaço físico para vender produtos do Office ou Windows. But, also, Austin suggests that the store is used to show customers how is the experience of using Windows 7 (or the future 8), the Mango, the Kinect, Xbox 360 e seus diversos other products.

The same goes for the Amazon. AND, Ironically, a criticism levelled by William Lynch, CEO of Barnes & Noble, serves as a kind of Council: “Se você comprar um Kindle Fire [from Amazon], have a question and want to talk to an expert in person seeking for help, for where you go? Perhaps the answer is the physical store”, concludes.

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