Conditions in factories of iPad are better, According to NGOS

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As condições de work nas fábricas chinesas onde os iPads e iPhones da Apple são produzidos estão bem best em relação a unidades têxteis e demais instalações em outras regiões do país, According to the President of a non-profit association that investigates the subject.

fabrica ipadThe Fair Labor Association (TEXAS) is beginning to study the working conditions of the eight major Apple's suppliers in China, After reports of suicides of employees, an explosion and conditions of slavery involving the Foxconn group.

Auret van Heerden, President of TEXAS, did not provide any immediate conclusions on working conditions, but he noted that boredom and alienation may have contributed to the stress which led some employees to suicide.

Aside from Foxconn, researchers from TEXAS will visit the premises of Quanta Computer, Pegatron, Wintek e other suppliers, they tend to be discreet about the operations.

After the first visits to Foxconn, van Heerd said “the facilities are first class; the physical conditions are very, far above the normal average”.

He spent several days visiting units of the Foxconn to prepare for the study.
“I was surprised to enter the courtyard of Foxconn, how quiet it is likened to a clothing factory”, said. “Então os problems não envolvem o ambiente nocivo de uma unidade têxtil. It's more a matter of monotony, boredom and, Maybe, alienation”.

According to him, the Association has dealt with suicides in factories in China since the early 1990.

“You have a lot of young people, coming from rural areas, away from the families for the first time”, said van Heerd. “They come out of a rural environment for an industrial way of life, often intense, and this is a big shock for these young”.

Van Heerden refuted the idea that the Association can draw a positive profile for suppliers of American company.

Companies that undertake affiiate FLA to rigorously, being that their interests are assessed by non-governmental organizations and more than 200 universities that are part of the Organization.

“Apple did not need to join the FLA”, He said. “The FLA's system is very rigid, and involves unannounced visits, unrestricted access and public reports”.

About 30 FLA officials will make visits to two factories from Foxconn in Shenzhen, in the South of China, and one in the central city of Chengdu. Each plant has about 100 thousand workers, embora nem todas envolvam products Apple's.


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