Foxconn obliges students to estágiar in its factories, rumor says

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FoxconnQue a imagem da política de trabalho da Foxconn não é das best, This is nothing new. But a new “dirty”, If confirmed, can further undermine the reputation of the gigantic Chinese automaker of world's hottest gadgets, as iPhones, iPads e tantos other. According to information of the Motherboard website, a Foxconn possui o maior program de estágios do mundo, employing only in the summer months about Chinese 180 thousand students – all to meet the demand of Western market.

Using the young Liu Jiang as character (the boy committed suicide by throwing himself from the roof of the factory less than a month after employing it), the Motherboard details in report some information from Foxconn's internship program. According to the channel, students who arrange employment at the factory should have housing, Food and stipend equivalent to half of the wages of an employee “effective”. However, the reality is much more obscure, by pointing the site: the SACOM (Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior, an academic association that criticizes the Foxconn) says that the number of 180 thousand trainees is a lie created by own factory – o número real seria next of 430 thousand, or a third of the workforce of 1,3 million employees in the company.

The story goes beyond: trainees of Foxconn, In addition to not enjoy the rights described above, sometimes must work in effective scheme, but without wage compensation of an employee in that category. Also according to the Motherboard, most trainees of Foxconn are hired via employment agencies. In the event of the death of the young Liu Jiang, for example, the factory has denied any relation, claiming that, for him to come through third-party recruiters, the Foxconn wasn't “fully responsible” by maintaining student health.

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