Eike Batista Announces Foxconn factory in Minas

16 February 2012 | In Development | 216 views | By

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 eike batista anuncia fbrica foxconn minas  São Paulo – The businessman Eike Batista announced, This week, who will participate in the construction of a factory of electronic taiuwanesa Foxconn, que produz devices Apple's, in the State of Minas Gerais.

Second Eike, the unit would be mounted with resources from the EBX Group, controlled by Eike, Foxconn's own investments and participation of BNDES.  In an interview with the newspaper Gazeta do Povo miner, the entrepreneur explained that the factory would be responsible for the production of touch screens. The planned investment is 2,5 billion reais.

The entrepreneur did not specify which city should get the factory. Second Eike, the Brazilian partners (BNDES and EBX) would participation by 60% in business. Other investidores não estão descartados.

The new unit would count with the endorsement of the President of Apple, Tim Cook, and could provide screens for the unity of the Foxconn in Jundiaí, iPads and iPhones that Mount with components imported from China still this semester.

The Foxconn has received authorization from the Federal Government to manufacture tablets in Brazil with tax benefits (exemption of PIS, IPI and Cofins). As instalações devem beneficiar-se ainda de uma possível extensão dos benefícios concedidos a computers e tablets também para os smartphones.

Segundo o secretário de Planejamento e Development do Estado de São Paulo, Julio Semeghini, five units of Foxconn should be announced in the country this year. In addition to São Paulo, other Member States compete to receive the units.  The Foxconn does not confirm the installation of factories.

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