Artists and brands will have verified accounts on Facebook

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FacebookThe example of what makes Twitter, the Facebook passará a apontar contas reais de celebridades e marcas famosas, second report from Techcrunch. The norm of Facebook to keep birth names as identity primary certification, However, still be maintained.

The voluntary operation will not feature, i.e., You cannot simply “ask” for the Facebook check your account. Unlike, You should be chosen and a notification will be sent to your email. Users que receberem o pedido de verificação poderão selecionar um outro nome (as a stage name or pseudonym, por exemplo) to be displayed in your profile, with a view to facilitating the social network searchfor exampler exemplo, Stefani Music could keep his baptismal name in page “About”, but the main view could be changed to “Lady Gaga”.

Quem for selecionado e quiser verificar sua conta deverá fornecer ao Facebook uma foto de algum documento official the Government (the photo of the RG or driver's license, in the case of Brazil). This information, However, will be deleted after verification, by safety.

Contrary to what was formerly Twitter or even Google Plus currently, Facebook does not display any seal indicating that that is the real account of someone famous. According to TechCrunch, the social network will adopt pseudonyms one by one, manually, in order to minimize the possibility of some “fake” be verified as real.

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