Brazil is the fourth largest consumer of water in the world

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An American study of Hoekstra published in National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) puts Brazil on 4° place among the largest consumers of water for agricultural production and consumer goods.

bebendo aguaThe researchers also stated that 92% the amount of the planet's water is consumed by agriculture. Tal fato transforma a produção de alimentos e other products algo praticamente insustentável, second alert given by Arjen Y. Hoekstra, Dutch Designer's water footprint. This indicator measures the use of freshwater for a food item or any other consumable good directly or indirectly.

India ranking feito pela Search, the Nations who lead the ranking are China, Índia e Estados United. When the amount of consumption of these three is summed with the Brazil's, the countries spend the equivalent of 38% of all water use in the production of goods of the planet.

It was also showing the impact that the export of agricultural products in local water footprint, as well as at global, called virtual water export. From this, Unable to evaluate the impact of dependence on imported products in other countries. This category of water export, the Brazil also ranks fourth.

The position falls in Brazil just calculating water consumption per capita (individual water footprint), whose international average is 3,8 mil litros por dia. The Brazilians occupied the 21st position, with spending thousand liters per day dia, on average.

The water footprint is determined by the amount of water used for the cereal consumption, dairy products and meat, as well as for food production, hygiene and cleaning. Also includes the expenses necessary for the production of consumer goods.

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