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Após um application na App Store copiar os dados dos contatos do usuário sem autorização, a Apple terá de responder a um subcomitê no Congresso americano por falhas de Privacy.

The incident was discovered last week, When it was identified that the application of the social network Path copied contacts from users without authorization. The CEO came to admit the mistake and that the company would erase all information captured without permission of your servers.

apple appsIn addition, Twitter also should review your application, Since it was found that the same stored data from the user's agenda during 18 months, to search for contacts in the microblog.

E tendo em vista os problems de privacidade, Congress sent a letter to Apple asking the company to explain.

“O incidente levanta questões se as políticas e práticas do iOS para os desenvolvedores de applications são insuficientes quando o assunto é proteger a informação dos usuários e de seus contatos”, appointed Mr Henry. Waxman in a letter to Apple's CEO, Tim Cook.

After criticism, a Apple se manifestou e disse que irá rever suas políticas de privacidade com relação a todos os applications que de alguma forma obtém acesso aos dados do usuário sem permissão.

"We are working to make this [Privacy] even better for our customers, and, just as we did with location services, any application that you want to access the contact data will be required the explicit approval of the user at a future version of software ", said a spokesman for the Apple to the website All Things Digital.

The case is similar to what happened to Apple in 2011, When geolocation applications using data from unauthorized users. At that time the company had to publish an update of the iOS to fix the problem.

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