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 mountain lion deixar parecido ipad  Apple will make your computers the line Mac more like the iPad and the iPhone. The company released yesterday (16), for developers, a preliminary version of the new system OS X 10.8, that should be released commercially in next winter (brasileiro).

Following the tradition of using names of big cats to identify Mac OS X, the company dubbed the Lion Mountain software – the animal, in Brazil, It is known as ounce parda.

The company says the new system brings a hundred news for Mac. Among them, are several features brought from iOS 5, the operating system of the iPhone and iPad. One of the main ones is the best integration with iCloud, cloud storage service from Apple that, According to the company, already has more than 100 millions of users. Several of the applications included in the Mac gain the possibility to synchronize data and documents with their equivalents on the iPad or iPhone, via iCloud.

Game Center

The Mac will win a centre of notifications similar to what exists in the iPad. He will focus the warnings issued by applications and by the system. The user can open it through the top menu of the X or sliding two fingers on touchpad laptop. The Mac also has its own version of Game Center, Fun Center iPhone and iPad.

As in the case of mobile devices, This central will gather games installed on Mac and allow online games other users. Along with it, Apple is offering new tools to game developers so that they can integrate their programs at the Game Center. The list of features inherited from iOS proceeds with reminders and Notes applications, who are also earning versions for the Mac. And iChat will be replaced by Messaging, another program of iOS.

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