Online commerce is expected to grow 25% This year

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 comrcio online dever crescer este  Online trade not to grow. In the past year, as vendas pela internet movimentaram R$ 18,7 billion, with growth of 26% in relation to 2010, According to the e-bit, company specialized in virtual trade information.

For 2012, the projection is to grow more 25%, says the Director of the e-bit, Cris Rother. last year, 32 million de consumidores fecharam negócios nos sites de comércio e-mail cadastrados no e-bit. In 2010, were 23 million.

The average value of transactions also declined in the past year. In 2011, were spent, on average $ 350 per transaction, ante $ 370 in the previous year. "The tendency is for the average ticket value fall further", Executive says.

She explains that, with the entry of new Brazilian middle class on the network, the class C, the prices of purchased products shall be smaller. “Eles procuram preços menores e isso é cada vez mais relevante.” No first semestre do ano, of 4 millions of new online, 61% were the class C.

In addition to flatten prices, the entry of class C changed the ranking of the top-selling products over the internet, says the Director. Em 2007, for example, the product was best selling book, followed by information technology items, Electronics and beauty & health Inoducts. Em 2011, the home appliances led the ranking, followed by computer group.

Also the increase in the number of collective shopping sites and heavy promotions online contributed to reduce the average prices on the internet, says the Director of the e-bit.

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