Creator of WikiLeaks shines in the 500th episode of the Simpsons

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O ativista australiano e criador do WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, was the main star of the episode number 500 The Simpsons series, that aired on American TV in the evening of yesterday.

Julian Assange WikiLeaksAssange ganhou fama mundial ao promover o service WikiLeaks que permitiu revelar ao mundo casos de corrupção e tortura em prisões americanas fora dos Estados United, In addition to secret diplomatic correspondence Washington.

Activism earned him several accusations by Assange world and since the end of 2010, the activist has been living under house arrest in the United Kingdom. In 2001, Assange told a teleconference to the audience of the event INFO @ Trends, in São Paulo.

To participate in the episode of the Simpsons, Assange resorted to a Studio whose location has not been revealed and recorded their conversations for which, After, his assistants the send to Fox Studios, in the United States.

In the episode that aired last night, the Simpson family is expelled from Springfield and forced to live in a secret location, where know Assange. The activist is a species of cicerone of the Simpson family in the new address and, including, prepares a dinner for Marge, what serves as a hook for a political joke.

Marge questions Assange about how he prepares the meat and gets how to reply "I never reveal my sauces" (sauces).The phrase is a play on "Never reveal my sources" (sources).

According to the Fox, company que detém os direitos de transmitir os Simpsons, the team of series creator Matt Groening, possui ao menos mais dois anos de contrato para continuar criando episódios originais do seriado, that is in the air since 1987.

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