Creator of Megaupload is released in New Zealand

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O criador do site Megaupload, Kim Schmitz (M68k support) – also known as Dotcom – was released on bail today in New Zealand.

Kim Dotcom felizAccording to the local newspaper NZ Herald, Dotcom received probation through payment of bail after a month in custody. The District Court judge of North Shore felt that the founder of Megaupload is not vanishing threat.

"I am relieved and want to go home to revise my family, my three sons and my wife pregnant. And I hope that they understand that this is all that I mean now ", Dotcom in the output of the said Court.

O site de compartilhamento de files Megaupload foi fechado no último dia 19 de janeiro e desde então Dotcom e mais três sócios enfrentam uma árdua batalha na justiça contra acusações de piracy virtual e lavagem de money.

The founder of Megaupload faces an extradition request made by the United States, they accuse him of breaching copyright laws and more than $ 500 million on copyrights.

Dotcom was released, However you must meet a series of conditions. Ele não poderá utilizar a internet e nem usar seu helicóptero. Must reside in your property in Coatesville and cannot travel at more than 80 miles of your home.

Now, Dotcom and its three partners will have a new hearing on the day 20 August to set his extradition and that is expected to take three weeks to be judged. There will also be a preliminary hearing on the day 15 March via teleconference.

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