Foxconn releases TV crew visit for the first time

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 foxconn libera visita equipe primeira  THE program Nightline, ABC network, had access to the factories of Foxconn in Shenzhen, in China. For the first time, a television crew can visit the place and talk to people in the industry.

Program images show since the “networks of suicide” – mounted networks on the outside of the building, until the production lines. The production numbers are impressive: every iPhone requires 141 steps to be mounted. Every step is supervised by a person or done manually.

The team also recorded the apartments of employees living in the accommodation of Foxconn. By 17 dollars monthly, some employees living in rooms divided between seven people. Os turnos de work são de nada menos que doze horas, with two hours of packed two hours each.

With support from Apple, uma das companies que usa os services da Foxconn, the journalists spoke to employees. One thing was common: complaints of exhaustion. It was not uncommon to see young people (Since, According to the team of Nightline, most employees had between 17 and 30 years) aproveitando o zone das refeições para dormir.

The program also interviewed employees with higher positions in Foxconn, as directors, and talked with psychologists who were hired after the suicides that occurred in the factory.

The Foxconn argues that does not force employees to work excess, but that all this work is, in fact, a Chinese tradition. Psychologists also came to say that the number of suicides in the enterprise, compared to the total number in China, isn't it great.

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