Wi Fi is invaded and TV store displays pornographic image

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best buy A < the style = "color: rgb (0, 0, 102); text-decoration: underline; border-bottom-color: currentColor; border-bottom-width: 1px; border-bottom-style: dotted;" oncontextmenu = "return false;" onmouseover = ' hwPal321955061. hwShow (event, this, "image"); = "hand"; = "underline"; = "solid"; ' onmouseout = ' hwPal321955061. hideMaybe (this, "image"); = "hand"; = "underline"; = "1px dotted"; ' onclick = ' hwPal321955061. hwClqnaj ("image"); return false; ' href = "#" rel = "nofollow" > image has been shown in several pornographic apparatus a TV shop Best Buy, in the United States. According to local management, the Wi-Fi of the establishment was invaded by two guys, responsible for putting the image of his explicit sex for all to see. India Huffington Post, reproducing speech from a client, the image was “extremely, extremely pornographic”.

The direction of the store also said that, Once the problem has been detected, they acted quickly to undo the situation, They called “unfortunate incident”. The customers still stated that several children saw the image.

This is not the only problem involving the world of sex. Recently, multiple passwords users of the site YouPorn “leaked” on the web. In November 2011, hackers invadiram os perfis de diversos usuários do Facebook e postaram imagens pornográficas no feed de News.

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