Social media are shrinking revenue from mobile operators

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SmartphonesHow long does since you sent his last SMS? And your last tweet? Qual dos dois você usa com mais frequência em seu smartphone?

This question led to a survey by market analysis firm Ovum, and disseminated by the Techcrunch site. Ela indica a perda de receita das operadoras de telecomunicações móveis devido ao crescente uso de applications de redes sociais em smartphones. In other words, people are using the 3 g – This sim, skyrocketed – para falar com seus amigos via Twitter ou messages de Facebook, rather than make calls or send text messages.

Second similar study done by Bytemobile group, a standard user smartphone is about eight minutes accessing Facebook and Youtube through the appliance, ambos applications que não geram nenhuma receita para a operadora.

According to estimates, the lost revenue could reach $ mark 13,9 bilhões – somewhere around 9% the mobile market share. In 2010, the injury was “only” $ 8,7 bilhões. Abillion To Neha Dharia, researcher Ovum, “SMS and MMS services correspond to the revenue sources not connected to the most important voice services to mobile operators at the time”.

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