False application of game Pokemon series becomes the best seller from the AppStore

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pokemonA Apple foi traída pelo seu próprio sistema de aprovações de applications: a software called “Pokemon Yellow” reached the second place in last week's sales ranking in the AppStore. The problem? THE application era falso, but was available for download for $ 0,99. Curious, uma vez que a Apple possui normas de safety e aprovação rígidas para sua loja virtual – and also because Nintendo, owner of the mark “Pokemon” and all related products, never made any application to the iTrecos.

Pokemon Yellow, the true, era na verdade um game feito exclusivamente para o falecido portátil “nintendista” Game Boy. Fake software already couldn't tell if it was an emulator: several users deram notas bem baixas para o arquivo, Once he entered in crash (or, popularly, “Fell”) each time it was initialized.

Apple and Nintendo has not commented on the situation until the close of this note, but estimates made by American press indicate that the fake file, already off the air, raised $ 10 thousand before disappearing from the AppStore. Worth mentioning: Nintendo does not develop for platforms of other manufacturers. According to the President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fills-Aime, “the best experience for Nintendo Games are Nintendo's products”.

The application itself was not malicious, He “only” not started.

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