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Mozilla Marketplace

Mozilla, responsible for the Firefox browser, announced this Wednesday (22/02) que abrirá sua própria loja de applications. Mozilla Marketplace will be presented on the day 27 February at Mobile World Congress, fair bringing together news from mobile world in Barcelona, Spain.

A Mozilla Marketplace será a primeira loja independente de devices e sistemas a oferecer applications baseados nas tecnologias HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. In another attempt to make the web into the hands of users, the apps can be purchased and run in any device that is compatible with HTML5.

Mozilla will also open registration for developers. Like this, “If you are a developer of apps and are interested in distributing and monetizing your application across multiple devices and platforms”, should consider submitting your idea to the Marketplace. In brief, Mozilla will provide the APIs, they were sent to W3C standardization.

The new store will also have a different system of identification of apps. Now, the applications are related to the identity of the user, and no more to the set where they are installed.

In an interview for the website BusinessWire, Todd Simpson, Director of innovation da Mozilla, said: “the web is the largest platform in the world. We are allowing the web is the market, dando aos desenvolvedores a oportunidade de participar do maior campo de game imaginável”.

Mozilla Marketplace will be available to the public by the end of the year.

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