On video, Microsoft does attack on Google

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Googlighting, da Microsoft

A briga entre duas das maiores empresas de technology do mundo não está perto de acabar. This time, the Microsoft lançou um vídeo em sua conta no Youtube atacando diretamente o Google Apps, services para empresas, trying to say “What happens when the world's largest seller of ads trying to sell productivity software”.

In the video, called “Glooglighting”, Microsoft recreates Google incarnated in a species of seller that tries to proffer its services to a cloud-based collaborative software company. When asked about the possibility of wanting your customers become “lab rats”, the man says that considers how “pioneers”.

Microsoft says that competitor services are popular, but are only useful with the aid of an internet connection. Another point raised by the company of Bill Gates is the fact that Google provide constant updates, modifying the services during use: “Who knows what the future holds?”, play the video.

Basically, the Googlighting tries to say that the services offered by Google does not serve to your company and that she really needs Microsoft Office. AND, If the intent was to create a positive viral, the company erred somewhere, Since the video is with 2,8 mil likes and 6,6 thousand dislikes.

This is not the first time that the two companies are knocking from front. In 2011, Google said that the Office 365 só rodava em devices with Windows. Already the Apps was done to any device.

Check out the video below:

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