Apple could sell iPad in Shanghai

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Uma corte de Xangai rejeitou o pedido de uma companhia chinesa de technology para que a Apple suspendesse a venda do tablet iPad na cidade, said on Thursday, a source with direct knowledge of the subject.

The Pudong Court decided in favour of Apple after a hearing on Wednesday, According to the source, confirming reports of the site of the local newspaper Xinmin NET Evening News.

THE company Proview Technology (Shenzhen) has sought an injunction against Apple as part of its battle with the American giant on the iPad trademark in China.

ipad 3dA China é importante para Apple não apenas como um market consumer, mas também porque o país é uma grande base de produção para o iPad e other products Apple's.

The dispute, originated by a disagreement over coverage of a transfer agreement of the trademark to Apple 2009, caused in the suspension, by court order, iPad sales in some Chinese cities.

Apple's victory follows a series of defenses in other Chinese hacks, and reverts what could have been an embarrassing suspension of sales of the iPad in your stores own-three are in Shanghai.

However, Yet it was unclear whether the effort of Proview to be compensated by the alleged trademark infringement would be successful.

Apple questions the claims of Proview, telling her the rights to purchase the iPad name in China 2009.

The American company also seeks to reverse a decision of December a Court of Shenzhen, who decided in favour of Proview.

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