Scuffle between Apple and Proview is full steam ahead

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iPadThe Chinese court favored the Apple in his decision to keep the iPad in stores installed inside the great wall, but who moved the action, the company chinesa Proview, may be articulating to continue an attack.

According to information from CNET, the Hejun Vanguarding Group, an economic consulting firm that is working with lenders to restructure the Proview (the company filed for bankruptcy in August 2010), corporate law firms would be looking to open procedures for trademark infringement against Apple in various countries, incluindo os Estados United.

Apple has not commented on the matter, but CNET says that Proview will ask $ 2 billion to the company from Cupertino, as amount by the alleged violation.

Understand a briga

Apple has three own shops (Apple Stores) on Chinese territory. Obviously, such stores sell the iPad. But, in the case of China, had a brand “Ipad” registrada em nome da manufacturer Proview – inclusive com um produto released. Needless to say the Proview opened action claiming trademark infringement.

Apple defended himself saying that global purchased the rights to use the name “iPad” – including any changes in their spelling -, and the Proview replied that this name was responsible for its technological sector, based in Taiwan, and that Apple would have just negotiated the rights to that country.

The Hon Judge Poon, However, ruled in favor of Apple, saying that, regardless of the host country of a branch of a company, all sectors are covered within the name “Proview”, then a successful negotiation with an Office valeria by all.

On CNET, There are quotes from industry officials and legal customs – the latter say that ban the iPad in China is something unlikely.

Do you think Apple would have violated a law of Proview? Or would the Chinese company once trying to take advantage in this constant wave of prosecutions for brands?

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