Man is required to post apology on Facebook

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Desculpas pelo Facebook

Cuidado com o que você posta em seu Facebook, because repentance can beat. This must have happened with Mark Byron, an American who was forced by Court of her country to apologize with ex-wife through Facebook's own, After putting a comment speaking evil of it. AND, of agreement com o jornal britânico The Telegraph, the apology needs to be published by 30 days!

Byron, que havia sido acusado de violência doméstica against a esposa, Elizabeth Byron, lost custody of her son and won a divorce. How to vent, o homem postou em seu mural da rede social: “If you are a woman bad and vengeful, and wants to ruin the lives of her husband and take her son away from it, all you need to do is say you're scared with the partner and they let you far away!”.

Judge Paul Meyers, of Cincinnati, USA, gave two options to Byron: prison 60 days or an excuse on your Facebook wall by 30 days. Byron chose the excuses, and published the message on 13 February. “I would like to apologize to my ex-wife, Elizabeth Byron, for the comments about her and our son” and stretches with an explanation of what he did to his wife, In addition to the consequences of the Act.

The Cincinnati TV channel, NEWPORT AQUARIUM, interviewed Byron, which if explained: “I posted on Facebook to vent”. It seems, the from de agora ele vai escolher outras maneiras de tirar o peso das costas.

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