Retailers are closing their stores on Facebook

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In 2011 various shops decided to venture into a new model of e-commerce, the f-commerce. Retailers from around the world have established their brand on Facebook for the first time last year. However, According to a report published by Bloomberg, many of these stores in the social network already are closing.

According to the publication, the GAP and other u.s. clothing stores closed their “doors” on Facebook, minando as expectativas de que a rede social se tornaria umas das main geradoras de renda para os varejistas durante a próxima década.

A VP de marketing da GameStop, one of the retailers that closed its virtual store, said he wasn't getting the return on investment, so I decided to do away with the f-commerce quickly. “For us it was a space in which we communicate with customers, but it wasn't a place for sales”, He said the VP Ashley Sheet, He remained with the channel open for only six months.

According to an analyst at Forrester Research, Sucharita Mulpuru, There was much expectation that Facebook would become a new shopping site. But, what no one thought is to sell something there would be like trying to sell products to people while they were at the bar, talking to your friends. I.e., Facebook is a space for socializing and shopping not.

Despite this, Mulpuru doesn't believe the f-commerce will. Even though some stores haven't gotten feedback and Facebook is still a more social than commercial network, There is still no evidence that the site does not have the potential to become a good sales channel. The analyst suggests that retailers may not have harnessed the power of platforms in the right way.

Most brands have created their stores in the social network Facebook your catalogs imported. No entanto, the shopping experience is exactly equal to the company's virtual shop, porém,Howevera negative point: the applications na rede são muito mais lentos do que o próprio site da marca. This means that the f-commerce haven't brought and differential, Therefore, has little chance of success.

Another problem is that the analyst pointed to by companies have offered a small amount of products. Normally, the shops display promotions for one or two items for a short period and this has not called public attention. With this, many companies have lost money, pois o development of applications de compras para o Facebook é caro e sua manutenção também.

Mulpuru says that it is still too early to mourn the demise of f-commerce, but the fact is that retailers will have to invent new ways to generate revenue through social network if they want to succeed in this endeavor.

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